Axie Journal February 2022

๐Ÿ“ฐ News & Notes

February featured one major game update and a surprising sneak peek.

SkyMavis released an economic update in the middle of the month. This update eliminated SLP earnings from both Daily Quests and Adventure Mode. The rewards for Arena was also reworked. They now follow the table below:

MMR SLP per win
0-999 1
1000-1099 3
1100-1299 6 –> 5 (Rank default)
1300-1499 9 –> 6
1500-1799 12 –> 8
1800-1999 15 –> 10
2000+ 18 –> 12

As you can see from the list above, SLP earned is reduced at almost every level.

To make up for the loss in SLP earnings, season end AXS rewards were expanded. The top 300,000 players in Season 20 will be rewarded with AXS. More information about this updated can be found here.

AXS earnings per rank in Season 20

SkyMavis also released a lengthy sneak peek into Axie Infinity: Origins during February. Origins is the next iteration of Axie Infinity. It is going to replace the current V2 battle system.

Origins is slated to be released by the end of Q1 2022, which would be the end of March. Origins features new game mechanics, such as:

  • Quicker gameplay with sequential turns
  • Energy and cards reset each turn
  • All current cards will be reworked
  • Added cards for ears and eyes parts
  • New power ups in Runes & Charms
  • New rage mechanic that replaces random critical hits
  • No stats other than hit points (HP)

You can find out more about Origins from the Axie Infinity newsletter.

๐Ÿ—“ Last Monthโ€™s Goals

โŒ โ€” I did not delegate a task each week to my Sunfish (Team Manager)

๐Ÿ’ƒ Breeding

I bred no Axies in February.

I decided to put breeding on hold with the upcoming Origins release. Axie Infinity will be a whole new game at the end of March. And the meta will shift with it. I don’t want to spend resources breeding with so much uncertainty. I will be in the wait and see mode for the next couple of months.

๐Ÿช Marketplace

I sold 8 Axies for 0.32 ETH after marketplace fees this month.

Six Axies were sold to graduating Guppies. The other two Axies were Confident Beasts. These Axies were selling well at the start of the season due to the balance changes.

I bought 4 Axies for 0.13 ETH in February.

I asked my Sunfish to pick 4 Axies under 0.035 ETH each for Axie upgrades. He did a great surveying the other Guppies and putting together a comprehensive list.

๐ŸŸย Swordfish Guild (SFG)ย โ€“ Axie Infinity Scholarships

I onboarded no new Guppies in the month of February. I currently have 99 Guppies on my team. Three Guppies joined the 40 Energy Club this month.

During this month:

  • My Guppies earned 280,124 SLP
  • 167,561 SLP were distributed back to the Guppies
  • 5,602 SLP were sent into the SFG treasury

Total earnings were down 38.0% from the previous month. The decrease was due to the changes with the economic game update mentioned in the News section. My Guppies were earning an average of 72 SLP less per day after the change.

I gave my Team Manager tasks throughout the month including notifying those who will join the 40 Energy Club and scouting new Axies to purchase for LC’s Lab. I didn’t reach my goal of delegating a task every week. However, this was a good start since I offloaded some of my tasks. I trust my Team Manager to make the best decision when picking out Axies and communicating with the Guppies on my team.

๐Ÿ“ˆ March Goal

  • Have 10 Guppies place in the top 300,000 at the end of Season 20

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