Axie Journal November 2021

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๐Ÿ“ฐ News & Notes

I wrote last month that the Axie Infinity community was waiting for Sky Mavis to release the Ronin DEX and new Arena season. Well, the game developers delivered and we were treated to a flurry of updates in November.

Katana, the Ronin DEX, was released within the first week of the month. This update brought on a surge of activity in the marketplace. The ability to swap between AXS, SLP, and ETH without bridging back to Ethereum is huge. This cuts down on the number of transactions and, more importantly, gas fees.

Season 19 and balance patches were released a few days after Katana. The patch reworked how the Morale and Skill stats were used in critical and combo damage calculations, respectively. It also changed the values on a number of cards. Overall, this patch made Aquas weaker and Bugs and Mechs stronger.

There was also a ban wave towards the end of the month. The ban targeted Axies that violated the multi-account rules in the game’s Terms of Service. This caused managers to reconsider their scholarship programs. It also led to a drop in marketplace activity and Axie prices.

๐Ÿ—“ย Last Monthโ€™s Goals

โœ… โ€” Axie swaps were completed

โŒ โ€” 7 Guppies were below 1000 MMR at the end of the month

โŒ โ€” My team earned less than 420,000 SLP total

๐Ÿ’ƒ Breeding

I bred 282 Axies in November.

My total breeding costs were 364,950 SLP and 282 AXS. This is equivalent to 14.89 ETH based on my cost basis for AXS and SLP.

I bred 112 more Axies more than last month. The additional breeding led an increase of 5.26 ETH in breeding costs. This is equivalent to a 66% increase in Axies bred and 55% increase in breeding costs.

I added an additional Axie type to my farm this month. I started breeding beasts with the Confident mouth part. I bred these beasts to take advantage of the new critical damage formula.

screenshot of a beast Axie with Confident mouth part

Beast Axie with Confident mouth part

๐Ÿช Marketplace

I sold 242 Axies for 16.12 ETH after marketplace fees this month. The average sales price of my Axies was 0.067 ETH.

I sold 84 more Axies and made 4.52 ETH more than last month. This is an increase of 53% Axies sold and 39% ETH collected.

My best sellers this month were Leaf Bug Plants with Zigzag and Nimo Aquas with Pocky. The Pocky horn part works well with Bug Axies, which are popular because of the balance patches.

screenshot of an aqua Axie with Pocky horn part

Aqua Axie with Pocky horn part

I bought 31 Axies for 2.56 ETH in November.

I purchased a handful of Axies to start the Confident beasts farms. Since there were no viable virgin beasts for that build, I bought beasts with a breed count of 3 or 4 and bred them to breed count 6 to start the farm.

I also bought high purity Axies to sustain my ongoing farms.

๐ŸŸย Swordfish Guild (SFG)ย โ€“ Axie Infinity Scholarships

I did not onboard any Guppies in the month of November. However, I was able to provide 40 energy to some of my current Guppies. I now have 12 Guppies with 40 energy.

During this month:

  • My Guppies earned 414,895 SLP
  • 242,230 SLP was distributed back to the Guppies
  • 8,308 SLP was sent into the SFG treasury

screenshot of Guppies MMR and earnings

November 2021 SLP Earnings with MMR splits

My Guppies earned 25,600 more SLP than last month, which translates to a 6.5% increase in SLP earnings.

As mentioned in last month’s journal, my goal this month was to swap out the low performing Axies in all my Guppy teams. I was able to complete this task right before the month ended. I was able to lean on my current farms to supply suitable Axies to my Guppies.

๐Ÿ“ˆ December Goals

  • Onboard 15 Guppies
  • Provide 40 energy accounts to 3 additional Guppies
  • Earn 435,000 SLP total

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