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This week’s update is a bit late and comes out at the tail end of the weekend. During the week, I was focused on getting out my travel sketching essay (see below). Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.

What I Wrote:

What I Learned: Travel Sketching | NineOverFour

I completed the first draft of this essay at the end of September last year but didn’t get around to editing and publishing until this past week. I’m glad that I finally got around to finishing this piece. It details my experience with taking an art class at the local art academy, which is the inspiration behind the lovely sketches that anchor the weekly updates.

What I’ve Read:

Off Diamond Head | The New Yorker

The author of this piece looks back at his childhood days surfing the waves in south Oahu. He uses surfing as an escape and also as a way to bond with a rag-tag group of friends. These elements and the overall plot reminds me of an ’80s coming of age movie. As a bonus, anyone raised in Hawaii will get a tremendous feeling of nostalgia while reading this piece.

What I’ve Heard:

195 - Best Enjoyed By | 99% Invisible (17 minutes)

I’ve always wondered about the date labels on my food, especially for milk. I feel guilty when my paranoia with food safety compels me to throw away a half carton of milk when it’s past the expiration date. This podcast explains the history those expiration labels and when to actually throw food away.

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