Time is a Resource


The first link this week about how our time is spent was an eye opener. It made me think about how many opportunities I’ve got left in my lifetime. I’m thankful to be living so close to my parents and friends and have the chance to see them often. I’m also grateful to have the freedom and time to explore my hobbies and passions. I hope I’m able to make use of this time now before it slips away.

What I’ve Read:

The Tail End | Wait Buy Why

This relatively short essay is packed with amazing illustrations and a very timely message. This piece puts into perspective our most valuable resource, time, and how certain moments in life are passing by faster than imagined. It’s definitely worth the read or, at the very least, a scan through the images.

Iceland’s Water Cure | NYTimes

This fascinating travel piece follows the author as he tries out the many outdoor swimming pools of Iceland. It reminded me of my trip to Japan this past February and the time spent in the onsen. For me, the most revealing aspect of this story was how culturally significant the pools are in Iceland. To the Nordic people, the pools are more than a place of relaxation but also one of community.

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