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sketch of a person in a hole digging “Digging” by Leon Chan

I was planning to clear some of the older links on my reading list this week. So I scrolled to the bottom of the list and started browsing the titles of the articles. The two posted today were ones that grabbed me after the first couple of paragraphs and didn’t let go until I was done reading. I had to dig deep into my list for these pieces but they were well worth it.

What I’ve Read:

Thresholds of Violence | The New Yorker

Malcolm Gladwell pens this very insightful and chilling piece on gun violence in American schools. He paints a complicated picture of the issue through the use of statistics and personal narrative. Throughout the article, I kept picturing one of my former student with Asperger’s Syndrome in the place of John LaDue. I could imagine him going through the same thought processes with the same lack of emotional awareness. It’s frightening to think about how glorified and widespread school shootings have become.

World Elephant Polo Championships | Outside

This story tells the tale of the New York Blues in their quest to claim the World Elephant Polo Championship. The outlandish and extravagant event is matched only by the colorful characters involved. From beginning to end, the intrigue of the sport and the outcome of the matches make for a fascinating read.

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