Exams and Playoffs

I’ve been tied down with studying for the SE Exam (again) since the beginning of 2017, hence the lack of activity on the website. The test was last weekend and I’m finally free pending the test results. Hopefully I passed this time and will have time to consistently write.

Anyways, we are now officially in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs with the Clippers-Jazz series ending today. To share in my obsession of all things basketball, this week features two articles about the culture and business of the league.

What I’ve Read:

The NBA’s Secret Addiction | ESPN

Almost every morning for breakfast, I slather a generous amount of peanut butter between two slices of square wheat bread. Little did I know, I was performing a pre-game routine found in a growing number of NBA locker rooms. This fascinating article investigates the history of a PB&J “addiction” and shares the preferences of some of the NBA’s biggest stars.

Away Game: Inside the Dallas Mavericks’ Pivot to China

Whenever athletes get traded unexpectedly, they always throw out the cliche, “the NBA is a business.” Well, this piece actually gets into one aspect of the NBA business, social media and fan interactions. I enjoyed the profile on Ryan Kline and the in-depth look into how the Mavs are winning over fans from China.

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