Thursday Thoughts - 07/28/2022

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What I’ve Read:

Writing Is Thinking: Learning to Write With Confidence

In this blog post, Steph Smith explains her writing process. I was surprised at her high standards for quality and value provided. She doesn’t proceed with an idea unless it truly benefits others.

I also liked her take on SEO. She uses keyword research as a way to serve people’s needs as well as bring in my more traffic.

Her mix of active and passive processes reminds me of the slow burn versus heavy lift analogy used in Building a Second Brain. It also brings to mind the idea of productive meditation walks from Deep Work.

What I’ve Heard:

Boho Beautiful Yoga

My wife and I started doing Yoga together about a few weeks ago. We practice Yoga at home with videos from the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. I like Adriene’s easy to follow pace and soft approach.

However, my wife thought the sessions were a little slow. Therefore, we wanted to try Yoga videos from different creators. One of my friend’s suggested the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel.

These videos are definitely more intense. I was sweating halfway through the workout. My body was even a bit sore the next day. I recommend checking out Boho Beautiful for a more involved yoga workout.

What I’m Pondering:

“Your last piece is never going to write your next one for you.”

John McPhee, Draft No. 4

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