Thursday Thoughts - 06/15/2023

Here are my Thursday Thoughts, a short list of the most interesting things that I’ve read, heard, and/or watched over the past week.

pushup by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

pushup by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

What I Watched:

Hollow Push Ups: CALISTHENICS!

In a recent podcast episode, Eric Cressey, a renowned exercise science expert, introduced several exercises for combating the common issue of rounded shoulders. This condition often plagues those of us hunched over our desks and computers for long periods of time. Among the suggested exercises was the hollow body push-up, which involves a forward tilt of the body during the push-up motion.

Adding this into my regular push-up routine has been quite challenging. I find hollow body push-ups to be considerably more demanding than the traditional version. Just five reps are enough to ignite a burning sensation in my shoulders.

What I Read:

Tech Independence

Derek Sivers provides a clear, step-by-step guide for setting up a private server in his latest blog post. The main reason for going through all these instructions is to be self reliant, freeing yourself from big tech companies.

Over the span of a week, I embarked on this journey myself and successfully set up my own private server. For $7 per month, I now have control over my contacts, calendar, and email addresses. I also have 40GB of encrypted storage.

My next goal is to incorporate separate storage for photos and videos. At some point, I want to figure out how to reduce my dependence on Google Sheets and Docs.

How to enable TLS 1.0 in Firefox Browser?

In the course of my work, I needed to log into our Voice over IP (VoIP) server to implement a few changes. However, I encountered difficulty accessing the server due to its outdated TLS certificate.

I overcame this hurdle by adjusting the minimum TLS setting in the Firefox configuration. I must stress that this workaround should only be employed when accessing a personally-owned server. There are substantial security risks associated with visiting websites that lack proper security certificates.

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Thursday Thoughts

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