Axie Journal May 2021

πŸ—“ Last Month’s Goals

βœ… – I got to 2400 SLP before the time to claim.

βœ… – I sold 2 of my beast Axies on the marketplace.

❌ – I did not reach level 20 on my Axies. I got to my Axies to levels 18, 18, and 14.

πŸ’° SLP Earnings

Graph of SLP Earned per day in May 2021

SLP Earned Per Day in May

In May, I earned 3352 SLP. I also played a total of 1907 minutes or about 32 hours. This averages out to 124 SLP and 82 minutes per day.

At current SLP rates ($0.13 per SLP), this is about $450 USD for 32 hours or $14 per hour.

The total time estimate is low because I started recording in-game time about 4 days after starting Axie Infinity.

I earned the most SLP in the last week of May. Although I missed my goal of level 20 Axies, getting to level 18 was still a win. My Axie team is now strong enough to clear Level 19 in Adventure mode consistently. I can earn the daily 100 SLP from 5 to 8 battles at Adventure Level 19. I expect my SLP averages to be higher in June and my game time averages to drop.

πŸ’ƒ Breeding

Screenshot of 4 beast type Axies from Axie Infinity

3rd generation of Beast Axies

I bred 4 Axies with the 2400 claimed SLP.

I wasn’t as lucky with this second round of breeding. Two of the beast Axies picked up bird parts from their parents recessive genes. It’s not the worst part in the world but the Axies are no longer pure beast Axies. Therefore, they are worth less on the marketplace.

πŸͺ Marketplace

I sold 2 of my beast Axies for 0.0783 ETH and 0.055 ETH. I had a hard time saying goodbye to those Axies but I needed the ETH to purchase new Axies.

I bought a bird for 0.06 ETH and a plant for 0.07 ETH. I transferred these Axies along with one of my extra beasts to a scholar account.

πŸ“˜ Axie Infinity Scholarships

I onboarded my first scholar this month. I spent more time than anticipated setting up the Axie Infinity scholarship account and getting a system in place.

Team Setup

I gathered 3 Axies that would work together as a team. As mentioned above, I did this by breeding beast Axies, selling them, and purchasing plant and bird Axies.

This was probably the easiest part to plan. I just thought of what Axies I would want on my team, then went out and got those Axies.

Account Creation

I created new MetaMask and Ronin wallets for the scholarship. This isn’t actually necessary, as I could have just added a new account to my existing wallets. But I wanted to separate the scholar addresses from my own. I found that creating a separate profile in Brave or Chrome is the easiest way to achieve this.

I also created a new email address for the scholar account.

Once I had all these accounts set up, I created a new account in Axie Infinity by:

  1. Signing into the Axie marketplace with the new MetaMask account
  2. Connecting the new Ronin account once inside Axie marketplace
  3. Setting up the login for the new Axie account with the new email address


As a scholarship manager, I am acting like an employment agency.

I established the payment rate and schedule. Additionally, I came up with general guidelines and rules for the scholarship program. My main objective was to come up with a structure that was fair for both sides. I also wanted a merit based system that would reward the scholars for exceeding expectations.

Here is a quick summary of the structure I chose:

  • Payouts based on three tiers:

    • Tier 1 - 100 SLP per day, 55% to scholar
    • Tier 2 - 150 SLP per day, 60% to scholar
    • Tier 3 - 200 SLP per day, 65% to scholar
  • Payouts on the 15th and 30th of each month. This follows the SLP claim schedule of 14 days from the game.

  • Automatic ban if the scholar is found to be using multiple accounts.


I used Google Forms to gather scholarship applications. I thought this was the easiest way to create a survey and capture responses. I asked for the following information on the form:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Prior experience with the game
  • Time available to play the game
  • Did they have a Ronin wallet
  • Why would they be good candidates for the program

I posted the application link on the Axie Infinity Discord and Axie Infinity Scholarship Subreddit. I was blown away from the results. I got 73 applications in about 4 hours.

I filtered the application responses in Google Sheets. From the narrowed down list, I picked the candidate with the most thoughtful response to the last question, “why they would be a good candidate for the program.”


I assumed that all scholars would have little to no experience with the game. So I gathered a bunch of guides and links that others have created to share with the scholar. Some of those links are:

I also shared a players guide that my guild, SFG, created. The guide includes program guidelines, payment rates and schedule, and a day-to-day breakdown of how to get the most out of the game. In addition to this, I crafted my own Arena guide for the minnow.

πŸ“ˆ June Goals

  • Breed 10 additional Axies
  • Onboard another scholar
  • Ensure current scholar meets minimum requirements

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