Axie Infinity Journal - First 10 Days

I heard about Axie Infinity about 3 weeks ago on the Modern Finance podcast. I looked up the game after the podcast and was instantly hooked. I decided to document my adventures in Lunacia with this Axie Infinity Journal.

What is Axie Infinity?

banner from Axie Infinity media kit

Axie Infinity Banner

Axie Infinity is a NFT game inspired by Pokemon and Cryptokitties. In this game you breed and battle cute pets called Axies.

What sets Axie Infinity apart from other video games is the NFT nature of the Axies and other in-game items. This means you own these Axies and items. Even if the company behind the game shuts down, you still have the digital assets in your cryptowallet. This is like owning trading cards instead of characters in a video game.

Just like trading cards, you can buy, sell, and trade Axies and the in-game items with other players. This enables what the community is calling play to earn. You play the game to earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Then you can trade SLP for cryptocurrency and cryptocurreny for physical money like US Dollars. Thus earning real money from playing a video game.

You can visit the Axie Infinity website and read their white paper to learn more.

My First 10 Days

Getting Started

I bought 5 Axies for 0.5121 ETH to begin my adventures in Lunacia. I started with the following Axies:

  • Plant - 0.0848 ETH
  • Bird - 0.0718 ETH
  • Beast - 0.11 ETH
  • Beast - 0.1242 ETH
  • Beast - 0.1213 ETH

My first five Axies

The following criteria was used to choose my Axies:

  • Plant - I wanted something beefy with lots of shield for my tank. So I set the filters to plant type and 61 HP. Then I looked for an Axie that had two cards with at least 75 shield.
  • Bird - I was looking for something fast with tons of high attack cards for my main damage dealer. With that in mind, I set the filters to birds and 6 pureness. Next, I looked for an Axie with all 4 cards having at least 100 attack.
  • 3x Beast - I wanted to breed pure Axies that would remain useful in the meta. My research pointed me to RIMP Double Nutcracker beasts due to their consistent damage and energy creation. I set the criteria to beasts, 0 breed count, and the parts: Ronin, Imp, Nutcracker (mouth), and Nutcracker (tail). These Axies were more expensive due to their breed count and pureness.

I used the Axie Finder tool at AxieZone as a guide when purchasing my first Axies. I found the Meta Score useful since I had no idea about the effectiveness of all the different Axie parts.

I recently bought a 4th beast because of a drop in Axie prices. I thought this Axie was a great deal for 0.039 ETH. I could also use this beast in breeding to add variety to the RIMP Double Nutcracker beast offsprings.

Screenshot of a beast Axie

My 4th beast Axie and 6th overall Axie


I earned 943 SLP during my first 10 days of playing Axie Infinity.

Date SLP Earned Total SLP
5/5/2021 106 106
5/6/2021 120 226
5/7/2021 100 326
5/8/2021 109 435
5/9/2021 82 517
5/10/2021 82 599
5/11/2021 85 684
5/12/2021 75 759
5/13/2021 91 850
5/14/2021 93 943

This comes out to 94 SLP/day for about an hour of play each day. I made sure to clear daily missions every day by grinding out 5 Arena wins and 10 Adventure mode wins.

Energy Usage

Something I wished I learned before day 9: You can play without energy!

If I had known that, I would have allocated all my energy to leveling up my Axies in Adventure mode. I would have played Arena without energy. I was below 1100 rating and wasn’t earning much for my wins. So the energy would have been better spent on getting my Axies above Level 20. This is when grinding Adventure mode for 100 SLP gets a lot easier.

  • What energy allows you to do:

    • Earn SLP from Arena wins
    • Earn EXP and level up Axies from Adventure wins
  • What you can do without energy:

    • Get Arena wins for daily quests
    • Earn SLP from Adventure wins


screenshot of 4 beast eggs from Axie Infinity

My first 4 eggs from breeding

I bought 23 AXS and 2000 SLP to start breeding. I thought the prices for both these assets were undervalued. So I decided to buy a little of both to kickstart the breeding process.

I used each of my 4 beasts twice in breeding, which produced 4 beast eggs. This brought the breed count of my beasts to 2. I plan to breed each of them once more before retiring them from breeding. I am breeding each Axie up to 3 times to maximize my SLP. I came up with the breeding plan after reading through this presentation.

Upcoming Plans

Goals For The Next Week:

1. Get to 2400 SLP

I need 2400 SLP to continue the next generation of breeding. I am currently at just under 1900 SLP. This should be doable if I continue at the current 100 SLP/day pace.

2. Sell two RIMP beasts Axies

I will use the proceeds from the sell to purchase plant and bird Axies. This will form my first scholarship team. A scholarship is when you loan out Axies to another player and split the profits (SLP). The player benefits because he or she might not have the resources to buy their own Axies but still want to play and earn. The manager benefits from having someone use Axies that would be sitting on the bench.

If you are interested in becoming a scholar, please reach out to me via email or Twitter.

3. Get my Axies to Level 20

This will allow me to take on the higher levels of Adventure mode. I will be able to earn more SLP per mission and reach the limit of 100 SLP/day for Adventure mode. This sets me up for my longer term goal of continually breeding Axies.

Goal For The Next 3 Months:

Earn $1000 per month from Axie Infinity in 3 months

I chose $1000 because it’s an amount that will make a difference in my life. But it is also an amount that is attainable without adding another 20 hours of work to my current schedule. This will provide another stream of income and accelerate my savings plan.

To accomplish this goal, I plan to sell at least 4 Axies each month. At the current rate, this would equate to roughly $1200. I will need to earn 1600 SLP and 4 AXS to pay for the breeding costs. I want to manage 2 scholars to help offset those breeding costs.


  • Axie Infinity is a NFT game inspired by Pokemon
  • I bought 6 Axies for a total of 0.5515 ETH
  • I earned 943 SLP after 10 days
  • I bred 4 new beast Axies and am waiting them to hatch
  • My goal is to earn $1000/month playing this game within 3 months

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