Through the Air

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past weeks. I’ve been trying out a new productivity/to-do system and didn’t have the weekly updates on the board. However, a new essay was on the board and I just finished the first typed draft. I think it’ll take a few more passes before it’s ready to be published. In the meantime, read these two informative articles about air travel and bonus post about negativity online.

What I Read:

Paying a Price for 8 Days of Flying America | NYTimes

A witty piece chronicling the author’s 8 day trip across the continental US by air. I felt like I was right there with the writer as she was sitting in the airport lounge following a delay or stuck in the middle seat between fellow passengers. The most eye popping fact was the amount of money airlines made off of first and business classes. From a strictly financial standpoint, I can see why airlines are skimming on economy and pouring it on for the higher priced seats.

Come Fly Away with Me | The Ringer

This article highlights several newsletters and apps that share deals on airfares with its users. I never knew these newsletter existed before reading this piece and found the concept intriguing; so much so that I actually subscribed to one. I enjoyed reading about the history of making travel reservations and the backstory behind each newsletter. Hopefully I can find a sweet deal on an exotic destination for my next vacation.

What 99% Looks Like | Seth’s Blog

Short but relevant post by Seth Godin on sharing work with others. He puts negative comments into perspective and helps minimize the fear of posting online.

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