Third Time's The Charm

Third time’s the charms, or at least it would have been if I were able to find a coherent theme for this update. This week’s reads are a bit random but I enjoyed reading both of them. Ultimately that’s the criteria for how something is chosen to share. Anyways, I hope you enjoy week’s reads.

What I’ve Read:

Q&A: How Shea Serrano went from middle school science teacher to NYT bestselling author | Columbia Journalism Review

I first discovered Shea when I read an article on the Ringer about LaMarcus Aldridge, an NBA player for the San Antonio Spurs. After reading that piece, I poked around on his twitter to find more basketball related goodness. What I found was a strange combination of motivational quotes, trash talking, and hip hop music. This interview is great and definitely inspires me to up my writing game.

China Craves Foreign Goods. Students in Australia Supply Them. | NYTimes

People living in Hawaii, or at least the people I know, love snacks from Trader Joe’s. It seems like whenever anyone visits the US mainland, they return with Cookie Butter and Joe-Joe’s. This story mirrors that dynamic with China and Australian goods. To me, the most fascinating point was the amount of influence and money given to the daigou.

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Thursday Thoughts

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