The Start of Something New

Welcome to edition one of my weekly newsletter! In this letter, I’ll link to the things that have piqued my interest in the past 168 hours because everything can be sourced back to the internet nowadays.

What I’ve Read:

A Boyfriend Too Good to Be True - New York Times

An essay from the NYTimes’ Modern Love series that reminds us that modern love is not always between two individuals.

What I’ve Heard:

Cancer Changed Ken Jeong’s Comedy - Death, Sex & Money

Ken Jeong, of The Hangover and Community fame, talks about how he transitioned to a comedic career and how his wife was instrumental in that switch.

Lazy: A Manifesto - The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Kreider shares an essay from his book, We Learn Nothing. The piece is a refreshing riff on the cultural phenomenon of busyness.

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Thursday Thoughts

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