Snowing in August

I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts more lately and, as a result, have more compelling tales to share. I think there’s a snowball effect; after reading a great story, I can’t wait to read another article in the hopes of finding another fascinating piece.

What I’ve Read:

The Cheater’s Guide to Love | The New Yorker

This story is so well written that I believed it was part of a memoir. The blend of personal details, emotions, and Spanish culture created a world that appeared realistic albeit quite dramatic. Once I started reading, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen and had to get to the end.

A Millennial’s Guide to Kissing | NYTimes

I guess I’m a sucker for love stories, this must be the third or fourth time I’ve shared a Modern Love essay. I enjoy these pieces because they are more than just your ordinary happily ever afters. For this particular essay, I appreciated the author’s metaphor involving air travel, insecurity, and relationships.

Compared to… | Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin constantly reminds me that less is more with his blog posts. This short read was a timely reminder to be kinder to myself. Just because there are numbers and data everywhere, it doesn’t mean I have to pay attention to them.

What I’ve Listened To:

562: The Problem We All Live With | This American Life

Nikole Hannah-Jones reports on educational inequality and how desegregation looks in 2015. The audio form the town hall meeting felt like it was from a History Channel program about the 1950’s. This is a very engaging listen about education and race.

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