Pulling Away the Magic Curtain

Shut In

The articles this week target technology that makes our lives easier. These pieces take a second look into these seemingly indispensable¬†services and dig into the side effects caused by their “disruption” of the traditional marketplace.

What I’ve Read:

The Shut-In Economy | Medium

TaskRabbit, Uber, Netflix, Seamless, Tinder - all these companies strive to make everything more convenient for its users. They promise to organize your dressers, take you to the airport, provide you with entertainment, food, and a date. All this without having to leave your apartment or interact with another human being for the most part. This piece unveils the price for all that luxury and also the people who work to provide it to you.

Venmo Scammers Know Something You Don’t | Slate

The first time I used Venmo, I thought it was pure magic. Poof, the dinner bill is split and paid with a few swipes and presses. It made transactions between friends seem friction-less and mysteriously secure. However, as this article points out, it’s not quite so easy and uses a great analogy to make an example.

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