Old School Shaming

The theme of this week’s reads reminded me of a recent story from NPR. NPR reported on public internet shaming of the drought in California, or as I like to call it cyber bullying for adults. I have to admit that I’m guilty of drought shaming. Although all my shaming is old-school, employing repeated jests offline to friends who eat avocados or almonds grown in California.

What I’ve Wrote:

Why NineOverfour? | NineOverFour

I published my first short story this past week! The essay is an example of the writing that will be posted on the website. The original length of the essay was a tad longer than the 1600 words in the final edit. While making the outline for this story, I was surprised with how easy it was to come up with crazy roommate anecdotes. I had to narrow down the roommate vignettes to keep the piece from dragging.

What I’ve Read:

“What a Horrible Mother:…” | Salon

The first half of the story had me rooting for the mothers who were publicly shamed. But when I read that the author was one of those mothers, I felt a little slimy. In my eyes, the article was biased and fed me only one side of the story. However after more thought, I came to appreciate the article. The author took control of the narrative and got me to think twice before judging and shaming someone, which is what I expect of good writing.

Swearing Off the Modern Man | NYTimes

This personal essay is a finalist for NYTime’s Modern Love College Essay Contest. Although it’s not the winner of the contest, I enjoyed this piece more than the others. I was sucked in by the secondary love story; the tale of romance between the author and the idea of being old-school.

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