Melted Hearts

sketch of heart with bottom melting

It’s a new year but not much has changed with these updates, even the infrequent timing of the updates. As always, below are two of my favorite stories from the past week (or two).

What I’ve Read:

When Eve and Eve Bit the Apple | The New York Times

Sometimes I question these stories from the Modern Romance series; they seem to end on just the perfect note or the events appear to be too coincidental to be true. But then again the author gets to shape the story and controls what does and doesn’t get told. This piece is one where those questions came to mind. Regardless, the writing is fantastic and the very last paragraph melted my heart, just as I imagined it must have melted the author’s.

What I’ve Watched:

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things | Netflix

During one of my random searches across the internet, I came across a blog ran by two friends from Ohio. The blog detailed their journey as they quit their jobs, downsized their living spaces, and donated thousands of personal belongings. This documentary on Netflix centers around the tour for their latest book and shines a light on the ideas that shape their minimalistic lifestyle. This whole concept brings me back to Marie Kondo and her secret magic of tidying up. Maybe the joy felt from the KonMari method is the same emotion the minimalists get from living with only items that add value.

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