Love Letter to Maria

One site I sorely missed while on my media fast was Brain Pickings. Brain Pickings, ran by Maria Popova, is a collection of philosophy, literature, science, art, and culture. Maria strives to answer the question, “what is a life well lived?” through her curated posts. It provides insight into life’s tougher inquiries and has influenced my writing and worldview. So this week’s links are dedicated to Ms. Popova.

What I’ve Read:

What Do You Do When the Internet Hates You? - Elle

Dani Shaprio, author and memoirist, pens this engrossing article about Internet trolls, haters, insecurity, and writing. She blends in her personal story and a wonderful adaptation to the idiom “not your cup of tea” to drive her point home. Her riff on insecurities hits home as I often fill my head with worry.

The Workhorse and the Butterfly - Brain Pickings 

Maria Popova takes excerpts from This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett to highlight the importance of work in creating art. The article brings to mind the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight this past weekend and the emphasis placed on the money made from just one night. The news outlets miss the point that these two boxers have spent countless hours away from the cameras training for the fight of the century.

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