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I was about 70% done with this week’s update but decided to save it for next week and write this instead. I am doing another deep dive into a single item I’ve consumed this week. I didn’t expect to be enraptured by this TV show but ended watching all 13 episodes in a span of three days. I highly recommend this to everyone reading the update; the first season is available on Netflix.

What I’ve Watched:

The Good Place

The show starts off with Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, sitting on a couch opposite a sign that reads, “Welcome! Everything is fine.” Eleanor quickly finds out that she died in an accident and is now in the good place. The good place is not exactly heaven as described in Christianity but a mishmash of ideas from various religions. This is a clever way for the writers to get around dealing with the differences of how different religions view the afterlife. However there’s one problem, and this is the show’s main story line, Eleanor wasn’t exactly a good person and therefore shouldn’t have made it to the good place.

I feel that a lesson comes along with the entertainment each episode provides. You are made to wonder along with the characters, “what makes a good person?” Philosophers and their theories are presented with modern day examples. The writing is also very witty and includes some keen inside jokes. I won’t go into any more of the plot because it would be giving too much away. However if you start watching, please make it to the season finale. That episode might be some of the best 25 minutes of television I’ve watched in a while.

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