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This week I was reminded that reading is not all about juicy plot lines or great storytelling; sometimes writing is meant to inform others on a complex subject. Both articles did this while providing personal narratives that kept me engaged.

What I’ve Read:

Why Investing Is So Complicated, and How to Make It Simpler | NYTimes

The piece on investing and all it’s nuances struck a chord with me. I spent countless hours researching 401k, IRA, ROI, and other financial jargon on Google but I still feel lost when it comes to investments and retirement funds. This article helped me sort some of that out and made sure I wasn’t getting hustled on my mutual funds.

The Bride In Her Head | The New Yorker

Lena Dunham writes about marriage equality and how it affected her life personally. I haven’t heard of people swearing off marriage because it was an affront to their LBGT friends. However, the point that stuck with me is that equality is not just about getting married but having the privilege to consider marriage.

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