Economy of Language

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I was obsessed with daily fantasy football this past week and did not have much time to read. However, all the articles I did read were short and sweet. The economy of language inspired me to keep the words to a minimum this week (and also gives me more time to focus on building on lineups).

What I’ve Read:

The Myth of Quality Time | NYTimes

This is a short but thoughtful essay on time spent with loved ones. The writer wraps his point around a well-told personal story. I can relate to those seemingly random moments when someone shares their thoughts with you.¬†Those moments happen, as the writer states, seemingly meaningless time together and can’t be forced.

How Syrians Are Dying | NYTimes

I have to embarrassingly admit I have not been keeping up with world news. This past week I read headlines about the European migrant crisis but did not have a clue to its cause and history. This multimedia piece by the New York Times brought me up to speed with its simple yet poignant graphics.

What I’ve Watched:

The Search For General Tso | Netflix

I was browsing Netflix late Saturday night and came across this documentary, which was recommended in an article on a previous Thoughts post. I was intrigued to learn about Chinese immigrant history and culture through the lens of food, specifically Americanized Chinese food. On a side note, the movie made me crave Orange Chicken from Panda Express with its various close ups of fried chicken.

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