Drought Update

This week’s read on water rights trading feels like an update to an earlier newsletter on the drought in California. The solution mentioned in the article seems like a legitimate way to ease some of the water issues. However, ProPublica does a great job of covering both sides of the story and shows the downside of transferring water away form farmland.

What I’ve Read:

Liquid Assets | ProPublica

This article explores the concept of trading water rights as a means to solving the water crisis on the west coast. During the 1900’s, water rights along the Colorado River were given to farmers as an incentive for moving west. In recent years, various municipalities and entrepreneurs bought these rights off the farmers to divert water to urban cores. They argue that it would cut down on waste and deliver water where its needed most. However, as this piece shows, the answer is not as clean cut as it seems.

The Blissfully Slow World of Internet Newsletters | WIRED

In this article, the author sells the reader on the fascination behind email newsletters while weaving in some of his favorites. If you are reading this on my newsletter, it’s quite a meta and self serving. Here’s a newsletter recommending an article about the wonders of the newsletter.

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