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Two of these week’s links center around startups or venture capital firms. The reads aren’t your typical ones about how a 20 year old founder made it rich or the latest in the sharing economy; they are about how the skills, culture, and infrastructure of the tech world are making its way into other industries. The other read this week wildly differs from first two but it was a story I couldn’t put down. The writing and strong plot pulled me all the way through the¬†many thousands of words.

What I’ve Read:

The Voyeur’s Motel | The New Yorker

I stumbled across this piece while browsing Reddit’s front page. I thought the link would lead me to a funny gif or random personal account from a Reddit user. Instead I ended up with a 12,000 word read on a peeping tom and his motel. I found the author’s insights and subsequent relationship with “The Voyeur” extremely fascinating and the story was well worth the read.

The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America | The Atlantic

This interesting profile on the team that fixed the Obamacare website is a great read. It points out some of the inefficiencies of the government and how it’s slowly being changed by the startup/tech world.

What Happened When Venture Capitalists Took Over the Golden State Warriors | NYTimes Magazine

Another profile on startups/venture capitalists and their influence in traditional businesses. I enjoyed reading about how the owner of the Warriors was able to parlay his business acumen into the franchise. It was also insightful to peek inside his head on some of the seemingly questionable team decisions.

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