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sketch of a cherry

This week I’m taking a step back from all the self improvement and reflections. I’m going back to sharing reads and listens that I just plain find interesting. I had to dig quite a bit but was reminded of a great story when I did stumble on something.

What I’ve Read:

The Maraschino Moguls Secret Life | The New Yorker

This story starts off as a quirky mystery about red colored honey in the New York area. But as the details unfold, the features evolves into a profile of an eccentric and hard working cherry supplier. I liked the complexity of the story and its characters, how the main character isn’t just painted in black and white. This is a pretty hefty read at over 35,000 words but I found that the plot pulled me through and it felt a lot shorter than the word count.

What I’ve Heard:

The Office, S4E9: Dinner Party | The Recappables

The Ringer just came out with their top 100 TV episodes of the century (so since the year 2000). To generate interest and additional content, they are recapping some of the episodes on their Recappables podcast. I just watched this episode of ‘The Office’ and have to agree this is definitely in the top five of all ‘The Office’ episodes. I love podcasts like this one because it feels like you are among a group of friends discussing your favorite thing.

Acoustic | Above and Beyond

I recently had a conversation about the Above & Beyond acoustic concert at the Waikiki Shell back in 2016. It’s always a little surprising to find out someone you know now was at the same place as you. That if somehow fate intervened a little earlier, you might have met each other earlier. Anyways, I remembered that I really like the A&B acoustic album and wanted to share as I listened to it again this past week.

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