I got 99 problems

It is definitely a coincidence that both links this week have the number 99 in them. Since it appears to be the theme this week, I might as well throw in this in to fully round it out.

What I’ve Read:

Quitting as a Productivity Tactic - 99U 

This article urges the reader to get rid of the items that have been sitting on their To-Do list for way too long. It reminds me of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This book features a zen-like approach to organizing, which can be boiled down to one seemingly simple question, “Does it spark joy?” Although the Marie Kondo is talking about physical space, I believe the question can be asked about our digital space.

What I’ve Heard:

The Calendar - 99% Invisible (20 minutes)

This engaging and wonderfully told story brings to light that some systems are just too ubiquitous to change. It reminds me of similarly inefficient schemes that are often observed without much question, such as daylight savings, as pointed out on Last Week Tonight, and the QWERTY keyboard, which was illustrated in this web comic.

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