Thursday Thoughts - 10/20/2022

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What I Heard:

The Tim Ferriss Show Episode 628 - QA with Tim

Tim Ferriss takes questions from his listeners in this episode. There’s a heavy emphasis on marketing, PR, and launching companies. Tim also goes over his current caffeine and alcohol consumption, fasting routines, and travel destinations.

I picked up a handful of good recommendations and advice from this episode. The most impactful was to revisit the low information diet. I have been spending a lot of time cycling through sports news websites for football season. I feel the drag it has on my attention and energy. I needed to recalibrate and the low information diet is the perfect reminder to do so.

What I Tried:


As I mentioned in last week’s thoughts, I have been getting back into sports betting. The combination of mathematics and my love for professional sports drew me back in. I decided to follow the advice of winning sports bettors and shop around for lines. But I only had an account at one bookmaker. Therefore, I needed another sports book and settled on BetUS.

I picked BetUS because of their generous sign up bonus. There’s currently a 200% sign up bonus if you deposit funds with bitcoin. The 200% is split into 150% free play in their sports book and a 50% casino bonus. Signing up and depositing funds was painless. This is a vast improvement from when I signed up for Bovada in 2017.

There were a few pain points in my experience with BetUS. It is not immediately obvious how to apply the bonuses. I made a few bets with my actual balance before figuring it out. For sports book free play, you have to click the “FP” logo on the side of the wager. And not all bets are eligible for free play eligible. For the casino, it wasn’t obvious which “casino” to use the bonus tokens. I chose the BetUS Casino and was offered 11 games to clear my bonus. I’m currently playing video poker, which I believe to heave the smallest house edge out of all the games offered.

What I’m Pondering:

The goal of a life is not to provide material for good stories.

Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

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