Thursday Thoughts - 06/22/2023

Here are my Thursday Thoughts, a short list of the most interesting things that I’ve read, heard, and/or watched over the past week.

journal by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

journal by Stable Diffusion Dream Studio

What I Tried:

Day One Journal App

As of yesterday, I logged 155 entries in my Day One Journal App. I use it every morning to jot down my two minute morning entries. I saved the prompts as a template, which makes it easy to just open my phone and quickly journal.

What I Bought:

DeFi Kingdoms Hero #404

This my second DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) genesis hero purchase. Prior to the recent rally in crypto, prices were falling across the entire sector. Sentiment was low, and high-value assets were being sold at all-time lows. I took advantage of this situation and scooped up a Gen0 archer for 81234 Crystal, which is roughly $1550.

My long-term outlook for the game is bullish. The development team has been building throughout the bear market. New features, such as new quests and pet utility, are constantly being added. PVP is just around the corner and is expected to be a major release. The number of active wallets has increased dramatically over the past two weeks. Jewel, the governance token for DFK, seems to have found its bottom and has rebounded about 20% from its lows.

What I Heard:

Six NBA Forks in the Road, Plus Wemby’s Charisma With Brian Windhorst and Best Early NFL Futures With Ben Solak

My favorite part of this podcast is the segment with Brian Windhorst that starts around the 28-minute mark. It’s a timely episode, as the NBA draft is today. The highly anticipated number one pick is Victor Wembanyama, a 7’3" player from France. Bill Simmons and Brian Windhorst discuss at length what makes him special and how they think he’ll impact the NBA.

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Thursday Thoughts

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