Thursday Thoughts - 06/09/2022

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What I’ve Watched:

Hacks - Season 2

Hacks is about the relationship between a veteran comedian and an aspiring comedy writer. This new season starts with the pair on the road for a comedy tour.

I binged all of season 2 last week. Season 1 was amazing and the follow up second season was just as great. The series was filled with laughs and unbelievable moments. The finale also tied things off nicely, which is rare considering how common it is for shows to end the season with a cliffhanger.

What I’ve Read:

Building a Second Brain Visual Notes | Tanvi Agarwal

The Second Brain is a concept developed by Tiago Forte for managing the knowledge gained from books, articles, podcasts, and etc. This Twitter thread does a terrific job summarizing the concepts of this system. My one big takeawy is using a “read later” app as a filter for what to read and/or listen to.

What I’m Pondering:

“More and more of our society is centered on pictures and images, which is a beautiful thing. But some of the most important parts of life are not visible in pictures: ideas, insights, logic, reason, mathematics, intelligence.”

Kevin Kelly

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