Thursday Thoughts - 06/02/2022

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What I’ve Watched:

Dirtiest carpet - extremely dirty garden barbecue carpet cleaning satisfying ASMR

This carpet cleaning video mesmerized me throughout its 19 minute runtime. The cleaning procedure fascinated me. I kept wondering when the water will run clear instead of filthy brown. I got a sense of joy when it finally happened.

Fastest Worker of Japanese food stand in Japan | street food | 길거리 음식 | puesto de comida

This video shows how a food stand vendor sets up and serves customers in Japan. The first part of the video captivated me. I wondered how each of the pieces from his cart fit into the final configuration. The video definitely made me hungry and wishing Japan would open up to tourists soon.

What I’m Pondering:

“I don’t know whether I would trade in those dizzying highs to rid myself of the memory of the crashes and wreckage.”

Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

Tags: #quotes #japan #food

Thursday Thoughts

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