Thursday Thoughts - 03/17/2022

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What I’ve Read:

Meet the woman who builds the worlds most unique Airbnbs

This profile of Kristie Wolfe is engaging and inspiring. I enjoy reading about her hustle and rags to riches story. I can also see how this story can lead people to believe that they can follow their passions to a great passive income.

However, I believe Kristie Wolfe’s story is the opposite of that. It is a case study of the lessons from So Good They Cant Ignore You. Kristie started learning about renovations by helping her mom around the house while growing up. She used these skills and knowledge to build her own tiny home. She then leveraged those experiences to build a unique property in Hawaii. Her successful career comes from gaining valuable and rare skills, not just blindly following her passion.

What I’ve Watched:

Turning Red | Disney+

I watched Turning Red over the weekend with my wife. We had a blast watching it. We both grew up around the same era as this movie and got hit with a heavy dose of nostalgia. The Tamagochi, mixed CDs, and boy bands brought back great teenage memories.

What I’m Pondering:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Anne Lamott, American author and poet

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