Thursday Thoughts - 01/19/2023

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What I Tried:


Lastpass was compromised again last month. My wife and I decided to take our passwords to 1Password. Her friend, who is an IT manager, recommended the app.

The transition was smoother than expected. We took advantage of the import feature to move all our passwords. Then we changed passwords for our email and financial websites.

1Password reduced the first year of our subscription by 50% for switching.


The transition to a new password manager means a new master password.

I used the Diceware passphrase system to create my master password. The process involves rolling a dice multiple times to generate a five digit number. Then matching the number to a word on the wordlist. You do this multiple times to get a phrase that is five to six words long. The dice rolling makes it more random and secure than something you would come up with on your own.

One modification I made to the process was to use the updated wordlist from the Electronic Frontier Foundation instead of the original one.

What I Watched:

NFL Today Cinemas

The NFL started its postseason last weekend. To celebrate the occasion, Kyle Brandt filmed a three minute promo highlighting the matches. The gimmick was that the games were compared to movies. The references were spot on. The roaming camera and single take was, as Bill Simmons says in the tweet, impressive.

What I’m Pondering:

“We have to be willing to confront the world as it is, not as we want it to be if we’re going to be successful."

Barry McCarthy, (h/t to Brain Food)

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