Thursday Thoughts - 01/12/2023

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What I Watched:

Pink Lie | Hulu

Pink Lie is a mix between The Bachelor and Terrace House. Single Korean men and women live in a house for twelve days in an attempt to find love. The twist is that each contestant has a secret.

At first brush, my wife and I were skeptical of this show. However, we ended up binging four episodes in the one seating. The show has the same friends hanging out on vacation vibe as Terrace House. But it keeps the plot moving with the dating and secret aspects.

All twelve episode are available now to stream.

What I Read:

Im a Las Vegas Bottle Girl. Here is What My Jobs Like | Insider

In his book, Average is Over, Tyler Cowen predicts service jobs catering to the rich will do well in the new economy. Bottle service hostess is the perfect case study for one of these jobs.

The biggest surprise for me was clubs have to wire money to the staff when the tips are over $100,000. I can’t imagine how much alcohol needs to be served for a six figure tip.

Hat tip to Marginal Revolution for recommending this article.

What I’m Pondering:

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

Chinese proverb

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