Criminal Intent

It’s been slightly over a week since the last update, I guess I’m not completely back on the ball yet. This week I have an article and podcast that both deal with some sort of crime. I’m not exactly sure why but I truly enjoy finding out how the crimes were done and puzzling the clues together with the protagonist.

What I’ve Heard:

LifeAfter | GE Podcast Theater (RSS Link) – This is a fictional podcast sponsored by GE and produced by Slate Magazine’s Panoply media outlet. I’ve listened to the first three episodes and it’s got me hooked. The podcast follows Ross, a FBI agent, as he unravels a mysterious problem at VoiceTree, a social media site that lets users record and share voice recordings. I’d say the series is like a cross between the movie Her and the TV series Black Mirror. It’s an interesting crime story with meditations on technology and our obsession with it.

What I’ve Read

How to Hide $400 Million | NYTimes Magazine – At first this feature seems like a typical divorce story with the wife getting screwed out of the couple’s money. But it quickly turns into a thriller as the author untangles the web of shell companies and dubious financial trusts. I felt like I was engrossed in a crime novel as I followed the money along with the lawyers in the story. It’s truly amazing how complicated it can get to hide money from the government and your spouse.

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