Ode To Japan

“Fuzzy” by Leon Chan

This week’s reads all connect back to Japan. It was’t exactly intentional but having Japan pop up in the headline summaries might have made me more inclined to open the link.

What I’ve Read:

An Ode to The Rice Cooker, The Smartest Kitchen Appliance I’ve Ever Owned | FiveThirtyEight – I’ve been visiting FiveThirtyEight more frequently as the US primary election rolls on; I find their analytical approach to the elections a good alternative to the cable networks. On one of my recent visits, I stumbled upon this article on the sidebar. The author does an excellent job infusing information along with the personal narrative.

The Perfect Fit | The New Yorker – David Sedaris’ short stories are some of my favorite things to read; the wit, pace, and zany details always combine for an engrossing tale. In his latest essay, Mr. Sedaris recalls his latest family vacation Japan. Just like his past stories, this one doesn’t disappoint and grabbed me from the first paragraph.

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