What I’m Doing Now

My wedding is about a week away! Honolulu moved into Tier 3 of the COVID protocols last week. This means that we can have up to 10 people at our wedding including vendors. My fiancé and I are excited to have our immediate family celebrate with us.

I got into the trading card hobby over the past several months. My main interests are football, basketball, and Pokemon cards. I am blown away with how much people are willing to pay for a piece of cardboard, myself included.

I also started a YouTube channel and Instagram account documenting my adventures in the hobby. I moved from amateur audio production to novice videography and photography. It’s been fun messing around with lighting, composition, and editing.

I am currently reading Tribe of Mentors and re-reading The 4 Hour Work Week, both books by Tim Ferriss.

Last updated 02/27/2021