What I’m Doing Now

Axie Infinity

I started playing Axie Infinity about 10 days ago. This game is a mashup of Pokemon and CryptoKitties. The game allows you to battle and breed these little creatures called Axies. What’s unique about this game is that it’s based on Ethereum, which means you own your little pets. You can sell them and other in game items to others for real money. They are cleverly calling this concept, Play to Earn.

Card Minnows

I have published 23 Youtube videos. I am 77 videos away from my goal of making 100 videos.

I am creating two YouTube videos every week on trading cards. I am considering switching over to one video per week starting in June. I sometimes feel rushed to get a video out with the current schedule. This means it’ll take longer to reach my goal but I think this will help me sustain the habit.

I am a bit down about the current numbers, only 28 subscribers after 3 months. But I remind myself to focus on the process and to keep improving the quality of my videos.

I stopped posting the videos on this website because I have a digital home for Card Mnnows! I also have a weekly newsletter with interesting news in the trading card world. Finally, I set up an eBay store to sell my extra trading card products.

Notion and Roam

I started using Notion and Roam last week. I learned about these apps from watching YouTube videos by Ali Abdaal.

I am using Notion as my task manager and for general reference notes. I moved my Getting Things Done (GTD) dashboard and video kanban board from Trello to Notion. I like how app is centered around relational databases.

I am using Roam as a daily journal. I use Derek Sivers’ suggestions of “What did I do today?” and “How am I feeling?” as my daily prompts. Currently, I on day 4 of the free 30 day trial. I will decide whether to keep using the service when the trial is up. right now, I’m leaning towards getting the 5 year plan for $500.


I am currently reading Tao of Seneca and reading Dune.

Last updated 05/16/2021