What I'm Doing Now


My site felt slow and bulky on WordPress. After a bit of internet research, I discovered static HTML websites. These sites are lightweight and load extremely fast. Hugo is one of the frameworks that create these static sites.

I decided to convert my website from WordPress to Hugo. It took about 3 weeks to transfer everything over. I enjoyed digging into the Hugo. I learned about Git, the YAML and TOML file types, and brushed up on my CSS and HTML.

House Hunting

My wife and I have been looking at houses in Hawaii for about a year now. We went to over 50 open houses. We put in multiple offers. All were rejected.

The housing market in Hawaii and across the United States has been absolutely crazy. Houses are so expensive. Yet so many get taken off the market within a week of listing, often at prices 10% or more over asking.

Swordfish Guild

I am involved with a blockchain gaming guild called Swordfish Guild . I am currently managing over 100 scholars in Axie Infinity . I also have over 20 Pegas for rent in Pegaxy.


I am currently reading Deep Work , Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an NBA MVP , and The Well of Ascension: Mistborn, Book 2 .

Last updated 02/09/2022