Lying in the Comfort

lying comfort
“Lying Comfort” by: Leon Chan

This week’s articles are all about comfort, or rather discomfort. These pieces reminded me that it’s okay and probably beneficial to sit through the awkwardness than ignore it.

What I’ve Read:

Week 3: In Which My Novel Was Okay | Rotogrinders – As I’ve been getting sucked into the monster that is Daily Fantasy Sports, I’ve been devouring articles about picks and strategies. I’ve enjoyed JMToWin’s weekly columns not just because of the NFL expertise but also because of the strong story telling and distinct themes. Even if you could care less about Aaron Rodgers or Julio Jones, the first part of this post is well worth the read.

The Late, Great Stephen Colbert | GQ – I’ve been watching clips of Colbert’s Late Show on YouTube lately and have been impressed by his great interviews. I have a deeper appreciation of him and his show after reading about his attention to detail and meticulous effort. I also had no idea about his personal history and was awed by his reaction to it.

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