iPods & Jamie Foxx

“iPod” by Leon Chan
What I’ve Read:

How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina | Backchannel – This story outlines Carly Fiorina’s relationship with Steve Jobs during her time as HP’s CEO. It’s fascinating how her perception of the Ipod deal greatly differs from the author’s view. With the facts presented in the article, it’s hard to argue that she was a great business leader at HP.

What I’ve Heard:

Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories | The Tim Ferriss Show – Jamie Foxx does an excellent job on this episode of The Tim Ferriss Show. He tells engrossing stories about his grandma, breaking into the music industry, and his famous friends. Mr. Foxx also provides insight into popular culture and current trends. I enjoyed how Tim Ferriss stepped back and let Jamie Foxx take over the show with his charismatic tales.

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