Imitation is Flattering

I finally made my way through the pile of newsletters from the New York Times collecting virtual dust in my inbox. I was able to pull out the nail baiting history of Silk Road among other fascinating stories. It renewed my love of reading longform on the internet and also reminded me that this update is my homage to their reading list.

What I’ve Read:

The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 1 | WIRED – This 9000 word piece had me at the edge of my seat and made me jump right into part 2 for another 9000 words. The feature brings a Sherlock-esque feel to the creation and demise of Silk Road. It seems appropriate that Nick Bilton, author of this article and pending book, has sold the rights of this story to 20th Century Fox.

The Joy of Quiet | NYTimes – Pico Iyer describes the need to unplug and find peace from the incessant distractions of our technology laden lives. This is a constant struggle for me; I’ve had my attention diverted more than ten times while writing this blurb. I’ve tried a weeklong media fast but the effects were short lived (as shown by the previous sentence). I don’t have a long term solution but reading this article and listening to Pico Iyer on On Being gave me some ideas.

CALL ME ISHMAEL | Anthony Bourdain – This is one of the best descriptions of Hawaii I’ve read, heard, or watched. Bourdain does a great job highlighting Hawaii beyond white sand beaches and Mai Tais. His post made me reflect and appreciate living in a place that is the “most and least American.”

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