Escaping the Echo Chamber

echo chamber
“Echo Chamber” by Leon Chan

This week’s links contain two short pieces from a couple of websites I don’t normally visit. I got a hold of these stories through recommendations from my usual sources of internet reading. I appreciate hearing different voices and escaping the echo chamber.

What I’ve Read:

Always and Never | Whatever – Sci-Fi author, John Scalzi, pens this response to a question about financial security. His answer is funny, insightful, and could be applied to many middle class  families. I like that he takes into account the uncertainties and fortunes of life in his reply.

Smells the Same | Lucky Peach – This short personal memoir details life during the heyday of Fulton Fish Market in New York City. I enjoyed the format of this essay; the printed pages imitate a college essay with pictures and captions scattered along the sides. I also wish I could sketch like author and end my writings with a similar flair.

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