Economy of Language

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I was obsessed with daily fantasy football this past week and did not have much time to read. However, all the articles I did read were short and sweet. The economy of language inspired me to keep the words to a minimum this week (and also gives me more time to focus on building on lineups).

What I’ve Read:

The Myth of Quality Time | NYTimes

This is a short but thoughtful essay on time spent with loved ones. The writer wraps his point around a well-told personal story. I can relate to those seemingly random moments when someone shares their thoughts with you. Those moments happen, as the writer states, seemingly meaningless time together and can’t be forced.

How Syrians Are Dying | NYTimes

I have to embarrassingly admit I have not been keeping up with world news. This past week I read headlines about the European migrant crisis but did not have a clue to its cause and history. This multimedia piece by the New York Times brought me up to speed with its simple yet poignant graphics.

What I’ve Watched:

The Search For General Tso | Netflix

I was browsing Netflix late Saturday night and came across this documentary, which was recommended in an article on a previous Thoughts post . I was intrigued to learn about Chinese immigrant history and culture through the lens of food, specifically Americanized Chinese food. On a side note, the movie made me crave Orange Chicken from Panda Express with its various close ups of fried chicken.

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