Axie Town Hall - 8/1/2022 Summary

Axie Infinity held a town hall with the community on their Discord channel on 8/1/2022.

Not everyone has time to listen live or watch the recording. Or they just want to read about what was discussed. So I decided to put together a written summary. This post is inspired by Samipunch and his summaries of the DFK AMA’s.

A recording of the town hall can be found on the Axie Infinity YouTube channel.

The information is not presented in chronological order. I organized this recap by topics discussed. Emphasis are also mine.

Team Members Present

  • Zyori - Programming Lead for e-sports and content creators
  • Jihoz - Co-founder
  • Syntax - Community Lead
  • Cuhtendo - Community Builder
  • Zoser - Live Operations Lead
  • Hantao - Co-founder of QU3ST (Running Axie Infinity Creator Program)
  • Rare Axies - Founder of

AxieCon Updates


Zyori went over the three tournaments being held at AxieCon. The total prize pool is $1,000,000. The three tournaments are:

  • AxieCon Classic
    • $500,000 total prize pool
    • $250,000 for online qualifers
    • Final sendoff to Axie Classic
  • Axie Origin BYOD
    • $400,000 open on site tournament
    • Bring your own device tourney
    • Rewards into the hundreds of participants
  • Axie Origin Stadium
    • $100,000
    • More casual
    • Swiss tournament

More information can be found at the AxieCon eports website.

Axie Lore

There will be more information regarding lore at AxieCon.

The current plan is that SkyMavis (SM) will build the foundation of Axie Lore. They have partnered with Stryder to develop the lore. Third party members then can add to this with their own content.


Jihoz hints that Axie merch will be available at AxieCon.

Community Updates

SM is looking into a more regular cadence of development update communications.

Changes are coming to the regional Discord channels. There will be upcoming contests and events. Also, expect more live streams from the devs.

Governance Updates

SM is working on recognizing contributors and handling out credentials. Credentials could be something that is held in a Ronin wallet. It could lead to an Axie Score and be used in governance. There are ongoing internal discussions about how Axie Score would integrate with AXS.

The overarching message is that SM wants the people contributing to Axie to have a say in decision making.

RON will not be used for Axie Infinity governance.

Axie Builders Program


The Axie Infinity Builders Program is still at an early experimental stage. There are no current plans to release tokens for playing these games. But it is on the table. SM wants to see if people want to play for the love of the game first.


There are currently 3 games that have a demo: Across Lunacia, DoLL, and Axie War. More updates about the Builders Program can be found on

Axie Origins


SLP ranked rewards and moonshard rewards will be available during the off season once phase 3 launches.

SLP earned in Origins will be drastically lower than Classic. This was mentioned in the latest patch notes.

Season 0 will introduce burn mechanics in game with crafting

You will need NFT Axies to earn SLP in Origins. However, only 1 Axie is needed to start earning instead of 3 Axies. You can still earn AXS from end of season rewards without NFT Axies.

Game Mechanics

Dusk, Mech, and Dawn cards are still to be released. However, some of these cards have leaked through the API.

We can expect more win conditions and different types of team compositions.

Jihoz hints that additional stickers can be purchased with resources in the future. There are currently no plans to mute sticker spam.

Part Upgrades

SM says that part upgrades are on their radar and they want to do ASAP. But this feature is taking a backseat to Origins release, getting onto app store, onboarding, improving cosmetics, etc.


Current plan is that runes and charms will be crafted with moonshards and not just SLP.

NFT runes and charms can be traded and gifted.

Moonshard Exploit

SM is aware of the exploit and is looking to address it. On a larger scale, Jihoz thinks that moonshard reward incentives are unbalanced. There is currently too many moonshards from ranking up and too little from battles. SM will look to balance this.


The owner of the Ronin Wallet (Manager) has the ability to allow SLP and moonshard spending in game. Owners can toggle:

  • Moonshard crafting
  • SLP crafting
  • Disenchanting

There is no progress on scholarship or rental tools within the game

Season 0

The team does not plan to set a release date for Season 0. They will just drop the season on the community. It will be released “soon.”

RON Staking

The plan is to introduce a delegated proof of stake system. User will be able to stake their RON with a validator. Validators earn RON through staking issuance, gas fees, and potentially dapp fees. These rewards get shared with the stakers.

This currently does not exist but is the plan. We are currently still in phase 1 of decentralization. There are now 9 validators outside of SM and Axie Gov.

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