Hi! My name is Leon Chan and I’m fascinated by stories. I get easily caught up in the rising action and need to know how everything turns out in the end. I devour stories in all forms and shapes; I read articles, novels, short stories, and personal essays. I also spend a ridiculous amount of time listening to podcasts and watching plots unfold on the silver and big screens. More often than not, I am engrossed in oral storytelling, also known as gossip, between friends and family.

NineOverFour is where I express my love of narratives and storytelling. It’s my digital home for sharing noteworthy and relatable anecdotes, the stories that are flawlessly told and help shape worldviews. It’s also where I publish my own personal writing; a place to imitate my creative idols and connect to others through written words.

Here’s a short story about why the site is named NineOverFour.

I hope you enjoy.