How I earn 100 SLP in 15 Minutes in Axie Infinity

I found a strategy that allows me to clear the 100 SLP from adventure mode in about 15 minutes each day. This frees up my time to focus on Arena mode, breeding, and managing my scholars.


The strategy requires the following:

  • Front Axie with over 1200 HP
  • Mid Axie with high morale or more than 1200 HP with shield
  • Mid & Back Axies that can deal over 580 damage with 2 cards

Most Axie teams reach these requirements around level 20.


I run Ruin 20 over and over to get the 100 SLP as quick as possible. Each win rewards you with 5 to 15 SLP. It takes about 10 wins to get the 100 SLP. I found that it takes about 1 minutes and 10 seconds for each win or about 12 minutes on average.

Battle 1

Screenshot of Round 1 in Lunacia Ruin 20

  • Kill the first slime with 2 cards from the Mid or Back Axie
  • Let the Front Axie die from 2 Goo-Destructs

If the Slimes do not explode, pass and let it explode on the following turn. This saves a bit of animation time.

Battle 2

Screenshot of Round 2 in Lunacia Ruin 20

  • Use 2 cards from the Mid Axie to kill one slime
  • Use 2 cards from the Back Axie to kill another slime

The third slime will explode on the Mid Axie. The Mid Axie should barely live or go into Last Stand

Battle 3

Screenshot of Round 3 in Lunacia Ruin 20

  • Use all 6 cards from the remaining Axies to kill the front Little Rock

The remaining two will explode on the Mid and Back Axies. However, this should only send the Back Axie into Last Stand. Therefore, you still complete the ruin and gain SLP for your victory.

Check out my YouTube video to see this strategy in action!

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